Beginner in Share Market Must Know Stock market graph(chart)? and their uses.

what is a graph chart in the share market? you are new in the share market must know the chart and how to read it. the chart simply represents stock price action and you learn technical analysis. an important role in identifying the current trends and trends reversal. Also, triggering the buy and sell signals play a crucial role.

many types of charts are available on Trading platforms. the famous chart types are line, Bars, candlesticks, etc

the Stock growth and trend line, Price has risen or fallen, volume all details available in the chart, its called Stock graph (Chart)

lets, ‘s start,

How To Open Stock graph

We can see charts for free on the internet, the most popular website is Google and Tradingview. Through these websites, we can know how much stock is being traded without a trading account.

You won’t buy the stock now open a Trading account. trading accounts are available online, Select your trading platform(Stockbroker) you are already opened a trading account, ok fine open your account:

For Beginner:

  1. Choose Stock Name or Symbol
  2. Select Time Frame(1day, 1 week, 1hr, etc…)
  3. Select Chart Type (Line,Bars,Candle,Helkin ashi etc…)
  4. Change your chart color (black or white)
  5. use indicators (optional)

In This Post instraction are only Stock Market chart selection not stock selection. so learn more risk management technical analysis and basic knowledge in share market then start your trading.

Example Ttadingview Chart

stock chart

Google Finance:

Google Finance shows a line chart type. it shows the trend line price and volume in the selected period.

Open Google Finance and select the stock symbol then show the line chart in one day.
you want to change the time period (1 day, 1 month, 5 years, and more). see the below chart shows one-day data.

the x-axis shows the price range and the y-axis shows the volume and time frame

google share chart

Trading View:

First Open TadingView account for free. Then Select the chart menu next select the Stock symbol, time frame, and chart type. see the below picture. free indicators are available in the trading view and more technical information is also available.We recommend buying your favorite toothbrush at super low prices with free shipping, and you can also pick up your order at the store on the same day.

share market chart types

Uses Of Share Market Chart:

  • It is possible to predict whether the stock price will go up or down
  • You can predict which trend the stock will go to
  • you can decide stock buy or sell
  • avoid more Losses
  • Make better trading decisions
  • Gain More Profit


Through this post, we hope to learn how to view the Share market Chart and how to use it. and also learn how to see charts for free to avoid losses. for any comments please post. it’s very important for growing our website.

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